Returns Policy
For all matters relating to return of goods bought from, please consult the following:
  • This policy is subject to applicable laws.
  • By using this website, consumers fully and unreservedly accept this returns policy, subject to applicable laws. Acceptance of this policy is further implied by electronic transmissions that the consumer makes during purchases from this website.
Based on the above, our full returns policy is laid out below.
All products sold through this platform are considered non-perishable for the purposes of a customer’s right to return them within 7 working days for any cause or reason. Such return is conditional on the following terms:
  • The consumer informs the website of their desire to return the goods via the return form.
  • Upon receipt of the consumer’s request to return the product(s), we will tell you how to proceed to return the item to the supplier.
  • The consumer shall return the product(s) in suitable packaging that protect the product from degradation or damage.
  • The consumer shall return the product via any reputable shipping operator at that operator’s standard basic rate. Note that this does not mean urgent or special delivery rates. Prior to shipping the consumer must contact the merchant and obtain pre-agreement to the shipping charges. The consumer will initially bear the cost of return shipping. In cases where refunds are applicable they will be provided; consumers must retain receipts and relevant documentation in order to claim shipping refunds.
  • The product must be returned unopened and in its original packaging. Returns of opened products or products not in their original packaging will only be accepted if they are being returned because they are felt to be defective. In that case the return process is subject to the rules of good faith and a portion of the product may have been consumed to ascertain its unsuitability, but this portion may not exceed 20% of the product by weight.
  • It will be mandatory to take photographs if you wish to return a product on grounds of unsuitability. This requirement speeds up the return process and helps to reduce the risk of returning a product which is not defective or damaged.
  • After receiving the return, and being satisfied that it meets all applicable requirements, the consumer will be contacted to be notified of the refusal or acceptance of their return request. If the return request is accepted the consumer will be refunded the full amount of the order, which means the cost of the product plus the prepaid postage cost. If the return was for unsuitability and the return is accepted, return shipping costs will also be refunded.
  • For partial returns, where only some items are returned and not the whole order, the consumer will be refunded in cases of accepted returns only for those parts of the order that are returned and not for those parts retained in their possession. Shipping costs will also be refunded only for the returned portion of an order. Return shipping costs on the returned portion of the order will be refunded if the reason for the return is product unsuitability but not if the reason is by the customer’s choice alone.
  • Any monetary refunds will be made within the maximum statutory period.
  • When monetary refund is not appropriate, substitutions will be made instead. In cases of product unsuitability customers will not bear the shipping costs of replacement products and will be sent similar equivalent products with similar or superior specifications.
  • In the case of voluntary returns, where the consumer simply no longer wants the item(s), any new request for goods shall be interpreted as a new order. In such cases the consumer will not be refunded the costs of return postage.
In cases where the return is due to a shipping error, defect, damage or deterioration of the product, the following shall apply:
  • A shipping error shall be deemed to have occurred when the consumer is provided with goods that do not closely match those what is offered by the website and requested by the consumer.
  • Products shall be considered defective or damaged if they are not identical to the same product in normal condition.
  • A product shall be considered to be unfit for human consumption where it does not comply with applicable laws and good sanitary conditions applicable to similar products in the same category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Returns
  • Can I Return Any Product Purchased Through Your Website?
Yes. You can return your product within 7 working days of purchase, for any reason.
  • Can I Return Products That I Have Opened?
Not if you simply no longer want it. If you no longer want the product you must return it within 7 working days of purchase, unopened and in its original packaging. In the unlikely event that one of our products is defective, it can be returned opened and out of its original packaging, and with a reasonable portion of it having been consumed to check that it is defective. A ‘reasonable portion’ should not exceed 20% of the product by weight.
  • How Should I Return My Product?
You must complete this Return Form, and we will contact you to let you know the specific method you should use according to the circumstances. We will supply you with the correct address to return your goods to, and we may ask you to take photographs if the product is unsuitable.
  • Who Will Pay For The Return Shipping?
You will pay the initial cost of return shipping. You must return the product to the address we give you by a recognized freight operator at their basic rate.

Before shipping you should check with us and let us know the price. You are also responsible for ensuring that the product is shipped in adequate packaging. If you simply no longer want your product, we will not refund the cost of return shipping.

If your product was defective we will refund the cost of return shipping.
  • If I Get a Refund, Do I Need to Return my Product?
If you simply no longer want the product we will refund you the cost of the order. You will have to return the product to us and you will bear the cost of return shipping.

If your product is faulty or damaged, you can choose: we will either refund the cost of the product including return shipping, or simply send you a new product of equal value.
  • What if I Return a Product To You and You Find It Is Not Defective?
In that case, you can either make no further claim or ask that the product be returned to you. If you ask that the product be returned to you, you must bear the cost of return shipping.
  • I Have Received My Order And I Am Concerned About The Condition of It: My Ham or Shoulder Seems to Have a Lot of Fat, Is This Normal?
It’s normal for hams and shoulders to have a large percentage of fat – often between 40% and 50% by weight. If you’re unsure, contact us and give us some photographs so we can help you before you decide to return your product.
  • My Ham Seems to Have an Unpleasant, Bitter Flavour. Should I Return It?
Remember that this is a natural product. You’ll need to cut away the outer rind and the outer layer of fat, before you slice the ham. Otherwise the taste of the rind will transfer to the ham and ruin your enjoyment of it! If you have cut away the outer rind and fat and the flavour issue persists, it may be that your ham is defective. Please contact us to discuss returning your product to us in that case.
  • Where Can I Learn More About Your Return Policy?
We hope that the answers to your questions are in this section. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can contact us or click on the Returns Policy section of our website to read the returns policy in full.