Iberico ham acorn-fed superior quality Don Agustín

7 - 7.5 kg 65.9 € / kg
494.68 € (VAT included)
This superior quality Ibérico ham from Don Agustín is a product of the hindquarters of the Ibérico pig, and is characterized by its stylized form, the black hoof and the marbling infiltrating the tissues and contributing to its stunning flavor. The color is red, with pinkish hues. In the mouth, it's flavor is intense and prolonged, and unlike anything else on earth. t's a limited production item, and is selected from the finest Ibérico pigs which feed on acorns in wild pastures. Combined with an extremely long and careful cure, this produces a gastronomic jewel - a true treasure of Ibérico hams, and of Spanish gourmet cuisine. In Spanish, this product is called, "Jamón ibérico de bellota Don Agustín Calidad Superior entero."
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Don Agustín, Guijuelo's acme of Ibérico, is a limited production line offering premium products from the finest selection of acorn-fed Ibérico animals. Only those which meet Don Agustín's standards of excellence are chosen. Don Agustín products receive an extremely slow and careful cure, so you know you'll be getting a true taste of tradition - a gastronomic jewel and the pinnacle of Ibérico cuisine.
Presentation : Whole
Category : Ham
Breed : Iberian
Food / Category : Acorn-fed
Elaboration : "Acorn-fed" refers to animals that have lived during the pre-slaughter, or "finishing" period, free range in meadows and mountain pastures. These animals have fed only on the foods naturally available to them in wild pasture: acorns, grass and herbs, and roots. This ensures that the meat is of the highest quality, richly flavoured with acorns.
Origin : Castilla y León
Curation time : 39 months
Format : Your ham will come in a presentation box, in a stylish black bag and with a red cotton interior wrapping.
Storage : You should store this Ibérico ham from Don Agustín in a cool, dry place,a way from direct sunlight.
Consumption : Consume within a year of purchase.
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"Cosa aggiungere di più. Per chi conosce il prosciutto Pata Negra, questo Don Augustin non può che essere l'ulteriore conferma di una qualità eccelsa."

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